We price per person/serving. Let us know what you would like served and for how many and we can send you an estimate.


The less options offered, the quicker we can serve. For parties of 100 or more we recommend 4 options or less. We fry all the food fresh on the food truck for events. All utensils, bowls, napkins and condiments are supplied.


50% deposit to hold the date and the remaining balance due on the day of the event. Checks or cash are preferred as we will waive the 3.5% catering fee.


Standard 2 hour serving times for events. Longer events will be an added fee. We do charge a trip and labor charge and that depends on serving times, distance to the event and amount of labor needed.


For catered events or individual guests there is a minimum of $800 for the food truck to come out and serve.


We can also set up buffet style for events or food can be picked up at our Dallas restaurant. 


We currently do not offer serving labor services.

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